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How are your New Years Resolutions going? Nearly four weeks in to 2017 and I’m keeping up with some of mine… However, fitness and exercise were quite low on my priority list until I was sent a copy of the Callanetics Countdown DVD.

I’m sure you have similar problems to me: after a day of sitting hunched over a computer, a steering wheel, or a pile of exercise books, my shoulders ache. After months of carrying a steadily growing toddler on my left hip, I’m slightly lopsided. After carrying two larger-sized babies, my stomach muscles have definitely seen better days.

That’s why I was really keen to try the Callanetics Countdown DVD. Not only does it promise that you will have a better body in 30 days, but the exercises are really focused and toning.

Callanetics Countdown review

Callanetics is a series of stretching and contracting exercises that activate the body s largest muscles groups, using tiny, gentle, precise movements, called pulses. These pulses reach deep into the muscles to give you a strong, firm body, without adding bulk.

The programme is divided into three levels, each getting progressively more challenging.

Level 1

The first level is only 25 minutes long, and is fairly gentle. For me, it was a great introduction to the exercises and didn’t feel like a huge commitment. I was happy to start the programme at 8.30pm and be finished by 9pm! The exercises are generally fairly easily managed, although there was a hip rotation exercise that I found really tough. There is also an ‘advanced’ and ‘beginners’ example which is helpful.

Level 2

After 5 days, you progress to the second level. The second level is longer and the exercises are more challenging.Ā I found 5 days was about right for the first level – I could do all the exercises and I was used to the movements.

The second level lasts 10 days. The exercises last longer – you aim for 100 pulses rather than 50 – and there is a counter on screen which I found helpful. I liked knowing how many more I had to do! The Level 2 workout lasts about 40 minutes, which is definitely still manageable if you’re busy.

Level 3

By the time you reach Level 3, the workout lasts an hour, but you’re definitely feeling more toned. The exercises in Level 3 are definitely more challenging, especially the stomach crunches, so the build up is a great idea.

The setting of the DVD is great – high up in an inner-city exercise studio. It was so far removed from my own living room in an English village that I felt like I was momentarily transported into an alternative reality for me! The presenter, Lacey Kondi, is very clear, very chirpy and her figure is very motivating.

The very best thing for me with this workout DVD is that it was really easy to do in my own home. The only equipment you need is a chair to balance on. The exercises were challenging, yet not so exhausting that I couldn’t face doing them after a long day at work. And the difference they made, especially to my posture and core muscles, has been really noticeable.

Win a copy of Callanetics Countdown DVD

I have one copy of the DVD to giveaway. So if you’d like to join me in working towards a better body with Callanetics Countdown, fill in the form below!

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By Naomi


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    I love walking šŸ™‚

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    Playing sports

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    Spinning, Yoga and Pilates.

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    Cycling, walking, swimming

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    i love going on my treadmill x

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    My favourite is dancing, but I also love walking, swimming, cycling and tai chi.

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    Swimming..but our local pool is closing down. Have just started going to Zumba with my husband…that’s fun!!

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    I like bodyweight strength training – makes me feel so good afterwards!

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    I love to go to the gym. But I am looking for an exercise routine that I can fit into busy family life.

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    Walking and kettle bell!

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    I like to go to a trampolining fitness class

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    I love swimming

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    Walking! or Dancing.

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    Cycling and rowing for us

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    I go to the gym and also walk a lot

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    When I actually exercise, it’s usually running or walking. But part of me would love to get into dancing.

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    any – im just to lazy to do it x

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    Walking and bike riding

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    I love cycling it makes me feel free

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    I actually recently starting doing Callanetics. I have a 16 year old AM PM DVD that skips that I do. I am loving Callanetics again and wonder why I stopped 16 years ago. Now 16 years and 5 kids later I’m back and loving the results. Great giveaway thank you! šŸ™‚

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    I love walking and swimming

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    I like walking, dance workouts and Zumba.

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    Yoga, Pilates and running are my favorite exercises.

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    The short answer is not enough ;)…well – that’s not strictly true…I’m always on the move, but through life in general. I need to work more on getting my body in better shape to handle the stresses of what I put it through so am always on the look out for some useful pointers. x

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    Walking and original callanetics, although I know every word Callan says off by heart (lol) so it would be great to try the new dvd.

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    walking does that count šŸ˜‰

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    Walking round countryside

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    I like to power walk and cycling x

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    I like walking

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    I enjoy almost all forms (except I don’t like running), but especially like nontraditional exercises like Callanetics, Oxycise, T-Tapp, using a mini trampoline, ballet, …anything like that.

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    I like going running!

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    Dancing to really funky music and cycling.

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    I enjoy aerobics & yoga

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    I really enjoy swimming

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    dont really do much exercise, but i walk our collie dog Louis, he can go on for hours!!

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    I Love going Roller Skating at mu local rink <3

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    aerobics or walking the dog <3

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    None šŸ™‚

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    I love aerobics and swimming šŸ™‚

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    Walking šŸ˜€

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    I love Hula Hooping – i have a weighted one and just whack the music channels on the television and get hooping for a 30 mins or so each day.

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    I love yoga, swimming and walking

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    I run, it fits in with walking the dog

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    Yoga, running and Pilates are my favorites.

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    Walking and running.

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    Chair exercises to music. Tai Chi. Yoga.

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    I enjoy Yoga and Zumba

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    i like walking and weight training

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    I like to do swimming

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    Love a good cardio workout

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    fast walking

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    At the moment I am doing gentle cycling on my exercise bike to build up my knee after an operation. I used to do the original calanetics video back in the early 90s so remember it being very good & not to much strain on my knee.

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    Walking the dog in the mornings & yoga in the evening

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    I have 2 basset hounds that I usually take out for 5/10 mile walks every day.. I’m shattered & they’re still raring to go!

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    I love swimming šŸ™‚

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    I love yoga and used to go to classes but I never get time anymore. I walk everywhere, about 2 hours a day so that’s my exercise and I enjoy it

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    I like Yoga, walking and swimming

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    I enjoy things like Zumba, Yoga, swimming or walking. Ones that don’t really FEEL like exercise!

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    Swimming x

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    I used to go to the gym regularly. However, when I became unwell I could not exercise and was pretty much housebound. I’m now able to exercise again, but after 3+ years of no exercise I’m very unfit.

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    I love walking x

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