Five Essential Bras for your Lingerie Drawer


This is a collaborative post with Simply Be.

Last month, when we decluttered our wardrobes, I realised something: my lingerie drawer needed some serious attention.

After spending 9 months in maternity bras (which are hideous) and another year in nursing bras (equally hideous), my bra collection was limited to three bras which I was wearing on rotation!

Fortunately, I’ve been able to find some lovely lingerie, and things are a bit better supported now! But it’s inspired me to make a list of essential bras for you.

First things first: Fitting

A well fitting bra makes all the difference to your shape and to your comfort. I’m sure you’ve spent days hitching up bra straps and if you’ve ever had a sore chest from a badly place wire or even a scratchy bit of lace, you’ll know how uncomfortable it is!

I’ve found the Bra Size Calculator to be really useful. Most of us have our size in our heads – for years I thought I was a 36C. Then I got myself properly measured in John Lewis, and found I was actually a lot smaller in the back and bigger in the cup. Finally, I had bras that fitted properly and that I could forget about all day! It’s definitely worth measuring yourself and using the calculator to work out your size.

Five Essential Bras

Nude Bras

I only discovered nude bras a few years ago, recommended to me by that lovely fitter in John Lewis. Nude bras – especially with smooth cups – are the very best thing to wear under anything that is slightly fitted, or lighter in colour. They may not look quite as glamorous on, but they are absolutely invisible under your clothes, which is as it should be (in my opinion).

I’ve also recently bought a few nude vests from Primark and these have been great too – perfect for under white t-shirts which are always slightly see-through.

Black Lingerie

If you wear black at all, it’s nice to have black lingerie for underneath. Especially if you wear a sleeveless top – it doesn’t really matter if the strap shows if it’s the same colour as the top.

Lingerie that makes you feel great

After months of wearing nursing bras, I’ve recently got myself some lovely, pretty lingerie. I tend to find lace itches (not so glamorous), but I love this printed, colourful set. I have to say, they are really comfortable too. lingerie

A really good sports bra

If you’re doing any kind of exercise where your boobs bounce, you need a sports bra. This is where you need super support – forget what it looks like and concentrate on how it feels. Try lots of different shapes and styles until you find one that fits you, doesn’t rub anywhere and gives you the very best support.

A good strapless bra

Off the shoulder tops and strapless dresses look best with a strapless bra. No matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise, I know this is true. Now, I haven’t worn a strapless dress for a few years but I do love the off the shoulder tops that are everywhere this summer. So a good strapless bra is necessary!

Lots of my new lingerie has come from Simply Be. Now, I had no idea their lingerie range was so good, and that the range of sizes they do was so wide. Cup sizes between A-L and back sizes from 28 to 56. That is a huge range, and the availability is good too. I had always ignored Simply Be because I’m not plus-size, but actually, I’ll definitely be shopping there again.

Five Essential Bras for your Lingerie Drawer


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