Christmas Countdown: 8 Weeks to Go


Welcome to the third of our Christmas Countdown posts. This week it’s Christmas Countdown 8 weeks to go. I had a lovely time choosing wrapping paper – I may have got a little carried away over on Pinterest – but I have sent out gift ideas and sorted my Christmas card lists.

This week’s tasks involve some more purchases, and some lovely planning. We’re actually on half term this week, so it’s quite a light week, task-wise.

Everything to get you organised for your most peaceful Christmas yet. This week, you need to buy your cards and book your activities.

Task One: Plan and book Christmas activities

I don’t know how often I’ve regretted not planning Christmas things in advance. Whether it’s a visit to Santa, a ride on the Christmas steam train or a Pantomime, I think it’s these activities which make Christmas really special.

However, these things do get booked up very early. So this week, get your tickets!

If you’re in the North West, That Lancashire Lass has done a great round up of the pantomimes that are showing in the area and there’s also the Winter Wonderland in Manchester.

The East Lancs Railway have their Santa Specials – and Christmas Eve is already getting busy.

Dear Bear and Beany has lots of ideas for Christmassy days out in the South.

Plutonium Sox has 10 Ideas for Christmas Days out in the Midlands.

Local garden centres often have Breakfast or Tea with Santa, and of course, he will be appearing at lots of local Christmas fairs.

Don’t forget the adults too! A trip to some Christmas markets or a pre-Christmas pampering day would be a lovely treat.

Task Two: Buy your Christmas Cards and Stamps

If you sorted out your Christmas Card list last week, you should know, roughly, how many cards you’re going to be sending.

You’ll also want to think about children’s cards – lots of children like to give cards to every member of their class.

I’ll remind you of this closer to the time, but last posting dates are all here. For the UK, 2nd Class final posting is on the 20th December, and First Class is on the 22nd.

Task Three: Plan your Christmas Stockings

If you have children, a big part of the stress of Christmas can be caused by the stockings. This week, I suggest you decide what will go in their stockings. I’m going to try to limit it to a certain number of gifts, and make sure there’s something to wear, something to read, something they want and something to read in there.

Task Four: Start buying gifts

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start buying gifts. Not only will this spread out the cost a bit (but remember to stick to your budget), but there are also some good sales and offers on at the moment. Tesco, Argos, Asda and Debenhams all have good offers on Toys.

If you’re really organised, you’ll be able to wrap, label and store your gifts as you buy them.

Pop back next week (or join my mailing list) for the next tasks!

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By Naomi


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    This has given me the kick start that I needed – I can’t live in denial any longer. If I buy the cards it will immediately make me feel more prepared and i love organising activities.

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      Absolutely! I’ll be sending out a catch-up email this week too in case you missed some tasks. Let’s get on it!

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