Christmas Countdown: 4 Weeks to Go


This week, it’s Christmas Countdown 4 weeks to go, and we’re focusing on the big day itself. Plans, menus and shopping lists. Plus, there’s a few fun tasks to get you right into the festive spirit.

This time in 4 weeks, it will be Christmas Day! Before that sends you into a mad panic (if you haven’t already been in a Black Friday panic), take a few minutes to go through my Christmas Countdown posts over the last few weeks. They will help you get organised so you can relax right through the holiday season.

Christmas Countdown 4 weeks to go

I’m really sorry, I did miss last week’s post. Hopefully it gave you a chance to catch up! I had to prioritise my actual job, as in marking a whole lot of exam papers for my Year 11s, and everything else had to wait. But that’s done now, and I feel like we’re really getting close to Christmas.

This week, we’re starting to focus on the big day.

Task One: Work out logistics for Christmas Day


By now, you probably know who is going where for Christmas Day. If you haven’t got it sorted yet, now is the time to do so! Are you going to host? Are you visiting family or friends? Are you trying to fit in 76 different relatives in different corners of the country?

Take a few minutes to sit down with your other half and work out when you’re going to travel, or when guests are going to arrive. Sketch out an outline of the day, and what you’d like to happen. Keep it flexible and reasonable – it needs to be relaxed and easy-going, not a military procedure!

Task Two: Plan your menus

When I lived in Luxemburg many years ago, a French chef laughed at the British because we all eat turkey on Christmas Day. I was baffled: what’s laughable about Christmas turkey?

Now, you can have exactly what you want to on Christmas Day, but you need to plan what you’re going to have so that you can…

Task Three: Order your food

Right. This is the big one for this week.

Over the next week, all the major supermarkets will open up their Christmas Delivery slots, as follows:

Asda – Available Now

Morrisons – Available Now

Sainsburys – Available 3 weeks in advance, so 23rd December will be available on Friday 2nd December

Tesco – Available 3 weeks in advance, so 23rd December will be available on Friday 2nd December

Waitrose – Available Now

Ocado – Available Now

If you like to buy your meat from a butcher, get it ordered this week. BBC Good Food have a Guide to Turkeys which is really useful.

Hopefully, you’ve already made your Christmas cake and pudding, but if you haven’t, get them ordered or made too!

Task Four: Buy your Christmas jumpers!

I have been keeping my eyes out and there are some brilliant Christmas jumpers around this year. Dorothy Perkins and Warehouse have some really nice ones for women, and I’ll probably get the boys’ from George at Asda or Matalan. One day, I’ll convince Tim to get one!

Task Five: Take a present inventory

I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping, but over the last week, I’ve worked out exactly what I’ve got for the children. I’ve stuck to my lists, but Tim and I have both been picking up the odd stocking filler here and there, and it’s adding up. It’s brilliant, because we’re almost done, but I hadn’t realised quite how close we were.

So if you’ve got time this week, do a quick check on your present list and update it. Hopefully you’re nearly there with your shopping too.

Pop back next week (or join my mailing list) for the next tasks!

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By Naomi


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    Great tips, I need to catch up on this!! Got our jumpers though, mines from primark (men’s section) and Dil got a cute one from Tesco, both of them light up!

    1. Reply

      Ooh, good idea with the Primark jumper. I love those light up jumpers xx

  2. Reply

    This is super useful. The husband reminded me we need to write our food list tonight!

  3. Reply

    I’ve already booked my food shopping and going on a mass shopping trip tomorrow! Wish me luck! X

    1. Reply

      You are doing very well! Good luck xx

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