35 before I’m 35 – An Update


Back in August, I wrote a list of 35 things to do before 35. Now that I’m half way through the year, I thought I’d do a bit of an update and see how I’m getting on – and how many more I have to go!


  1. See a classical concert – No, I’ve not done this one yet. Still one for the list!
  2. Read Middlemarch – I started it… but it’s so boring… I might change this to ‘Sherlock Holmes, the complete stories.
  3. Go to the theatre to see a play – Yes, I’ve done this, as I took Ben to the pantomime!
  4. Watch 5 films I’m sure I’ve watched 5 films. I might have to make a list.
  5. Learn to play something on the piano I haven’t done this yet. I’m not sure that I actually will. I don’t really know what the purpose of it would be.


  1. Run 10k – No way!
  2. Have a Spa Day – Not yet (hint, hint)
  3. Create a capsule wardrobe for work – I’m working on this at the moment.
  4. Deal with my sugar addiction – Er… No.
  5. Be able to hold a plank for 3 minutes – No. Do we see a pattern emerging here?!


  1. Learn a Bible verse each month – Actually, this is closer to once a week with Mummy Meditations. I feel like my understanding of the Bible is really growing through this.
  2. Attend a conference – I’m going to the Captivated conference on 18th March and I’m really excited.
  3. Refine my prayer life – I haven’t started keeping a prayer journal. This one needs more work.
  4. Do a ‘Spiritual MOT’ – Ooh, yes, I’d still like to do this.
  5. Develop a Faith section on the blog – Yes, this is pretty well-established now. You can find it here: Faith posts. 


  1. The beach – So far, we’ve made it to Lytham St Annes and Watchet, and we’re only six months in.
  2. Scotland – We’re hoping to go to Edinburgh at some point.
  3. A Yurt (and sleep in it) – Yes! Have a look at my post on The Little Yurt Meadow.
  4. Pendle Hill (and climb up it) – One for the summer months, I think.
  5. A city – We haven’t really been away anywhere, and Manchester doesn’t really count as we used to live there.


  1. A command centre – I have made this. I need to change it a bit and then I will photograph it and blog about it. I will. I promise.
  2. A photo wall of the children – Ben’s is done and ready to be hung up. Samuel’s photos are all taken but need printing off. So I’m nearly there.
  3. Christmas pudding – Oh no, I missed this one! Perhaps I’ll make next year’s pudding very, very early.
  4. A herb garden – I’ve made a good start on this because I bought some gorgeous herb pots from Aldi a few weeks ago. I’ll do more when it’s warmer.
  5. A different cake each month – We’ve definitely made cake each month. I need to keep track of this a bit more.


  1. Have a professional make up lesson – Ooh no, not yet. I’ll have to think about this one.
  2. Get a spray tan – Another one for the Spring. I have had Shellac now though, and it was brilliant.
  3. Go to a blogging conference – I’ve already bought my ticked for Blog On MSI in May.
  4. Have a monthly date night with my husband – This one is on-going. We’ve been out once or twice, and we actually have a whole date ‘day’ booked in next week.
  5. Make a YouTube video – Not yet, but I have done a few Facebook lives and I’m feeling a bit more confident about it. I’m hoping to learn lots about YouTube at Blog On MSI.


  1. Have a ‘Screen Free’ week – Another one for the summer I think!
  2. Meet up with friends we haven’t seen for ages – Yes! We’ve done this quite a few times, meeting up with friends from Manchester and having our old church housegroup over.
  3. Visit our old church in Manchester – Actually, this is hopefully happening tomorrow. We did have one visit planned but then Samuel was ill and it fell through. So hopefully tomorrow.
  4. Meet other bloggers in real life – Not yet, but I will. I feel like I’ve really got to know some other bloggers over the last few months so that’s good.
  5. Take an evening off once a week – I am trying to take Fridays off. We sometimes get a supermarket version of a takeaway (the takeaways around us aren’t great) and that becomes a bit of a date night – wow, we really know how to live, hey?!

Actually, I thought I was really behind. But I’d say, of my list of 35 things, 10 are ticked off, 9 are well under way, and 16 are still to go. So with 6 months of the year still to go, I should complete the list – or at least, the ones I want to complete. I think some of them are seasonal, and some are the things that I’m scared of – like committing to run 10k. So time to face the fears!

I know my list inspired a few other bloggers to make similar lists, including Farmer’s Wife and Mummy whose 40 before 40 list is very ambitious (she wants to shear a sheep and go clubbing in Ibiza). I’d love to know what you’d like to achieve before your next birthday – let me know in the comments!


Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

By Naomi


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    I’ve really enjoyed reading this. I can play piano – how about learning the tune to a nursery rhyme like Twinkle Twinkle, Frere Jaques or Row row row your boat?
    Do you like film music? I usually find a John Williams concert very easy listening and a good first concert to go to (Star Wars, Harry Potter etc.).
    I’m also going to the Captivated Conference – I find that you’re going very exciting! Is it awful of me that I’d love to meet you, like a celebrity?!

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    What a great list – and you’ve done so many already! I really want to stay in a yurt too – I must check out your post. I was thinking of writing a 40 before 40 post too, you’ve inspired me! Left it a bit late for 35 though.. he he! x

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      Do a 40 before 40! I must crack on with the ones I’ve got left to do!

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