We moved house!


Back on 22nd August, we packed all our belongings into a fairly small removal truck, and locked the door on what had been our first home together: both our first married home, and Ben’s first ever home. I have to admit, it was a fairly emotional moment.


The move was going to mean a lot of changes for us. Not only would we be moving to a new house, in a new location, in a completely different area, but I would also be starting a new job at a new school, and Ben would be going to a new nursery. ‘New’ has been a big part of his vocabulary over the last few weeks.

The night before we moved, we thought we were totally ready. Of course, you’re never quite ready, and Tim was rushing around adding labels to objects right up until the removal men arrived. I was fascinated by how they managed to fit a lot of our stuff into their van.

Removal Van

After driving into Clitheroe, we had a fairly anxious coffee until we received the call we had been waiting for: “Congratulations, you have a new home.” I have rarely been so relieved.

The house is actually much better than we thought it was, if that’s possible. We had almost talked ourselves into not being disappointed by it, and our narrative had been so successful that we had forgotten how lovely it was. It is more spacious, and more lovely, than we remembered. Three weeks in, and we’re still incredibly pleased with it.

I’m taking ‘Before’ photos, but I’m not quite ready to share them yet. We brought very little furniture with us from the old house, and haven’t yet chosen everything for the new house. So in some rooms, we still have unpacked boxes, and in the living room, we’re using bean bags as our sofa and chairs are still being made. I will do ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos when we decorate, but I won’t bore you too much.

Being in the countryside is just amazing though. We can see fields out of our windows, we walk along country lanes into the village and even in my classroom I look out onto hills. On our first night, I couldn’t get over how many stars I could see. Since then, I’ve mostly been too busy or too tired to look at the stars, but I must make the effort. Everything just looks so much more beautiful.


We are almost certainly becoming more relaxed, although it hasn’t felt like it in the first few weeks of term! We have less time in the car, and shorter commutes. Tim has been home before six every single day since we moved – that was a rarity when we were living in Manchester. That said, we seem to have so many events in the next few weeks and months that we’re grateful for the extra time in our home.

Ben KitchenBefore moving, I wrote a post about making an effort to get involved in our new community. I didn’t ever publish that post, but we have made an effort – I baked biscuits which Tim and Ben then delivered to our neighbours.


We think we’ve found a church that suits us, so we’re looking forward to getting involved there. I may also have found a book group to join, so that’s a start. As always at this time of the academic year, my evenings are mostly taken up with marking and planning, so I am trying not to over-commit myself. The adjustment to working full-time has been a tricky one over the last few weeks, so I’m being careful.

Tim gave me a huge surprise on moving day, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I am now the proud owner of a KitchenAid. I can assure you that it has been well-used already, and that I have a few recipes lined up to blog about. And I promise I will do a house tour soon!


By Naomi

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