Things I'm Loving Lately: August

Things I'm Loving Lately

Oh, August, you beautiful month. A whole month without work, with birthdays, with (mostly) sunny weather and that glorious feeling of being able to go out without a coat… or, sometimes, a jumper!

It’s been a brilliant August, probably the best I can remember for a while. Ben has been in nursery for 2 days a week, and my nesting phase has well and truly kicked in. I’ve got more done around the house this month than I have in the whole year since we’ve moved. (Can you actually believe we moved a whole year ago? I feel like I’ve only just arrived!) We’ve discovered new places and made new friends, and there’s even been a bit of time for shopping. So here are my Things I’m Loving Lately for August.


My experiments in skincare have continued, and I’ve discovered the Superfacialist range by Una Brennan. This is an affordable range of skincare, with lovely ingredients. I’m always a bit anxious about using new products due to my sensitive skin, but these have been great.

Things I'm Loving Lately - August - Life by NaomiI particularly like the Vitamin C+ Brighten Skin Renew Cleansing Oil (available from Boots here). It is really good at removing make up, sun screen and general grime, and is specifically for a first cleanse. You need to follow it with another cleanser for your skin, but this makes sure that your skin is properly cleansed first.

I’ve also been using the Neroli Firming Super Lift SPF15 Day Cream. This has been a really good light moisturiser – but bear in mind that my skin is really dry, so what I consider to be ‘light’ might not be the same for someone else. The scent is lovely, but more importantly, it keeps your skin moisturised all day. At the moment, I’m not using it with a serum, but I will layer up with a serum once I go back to the stuffy, dry conditions of work. 


With only 2 months to go, I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. I may have lived in the same combination of maternity jeans, tops and cardigans for the last few months, but I have enough. So I have been thinking about what I will need when the baby comes.

For quite a long time, I’ve been intending to buy a new pair of glasses. I wear contact lenses normally, and I’m very rarely seen without them (I do wear the extended wear ones so you can wear them all day). However, I occasionally put my glasses on if I’ve had a long day or have hayfever or something similar. Since I bought my last pair of glasses, my prescription had changed so significantly that I could really feel the difference. So, with the appeal of a 50% discount from Boots Opticians as I’m part of their Contact Lens Scheme, I invested in a new pair, from Ted Baker.

Things I'm Loving Lately - August - Life by Naomi

I’ve also bought a couple of babygros for the new baby. Not knowing the gender means we are sticking to a neutral palette for now! This one is from Mothercare. I haven’t even bothered going for the ‘New Baby’ size – as Ben was a fairly large baby, I expect this one will be too.

Things I'm Loving Lately - August - Life by Naomi


Besides doing a ridiculous amount of cleaning, tidying and organising, I’ve finally managed to decorate Ben’s bedroom. I’ll do a proper post about it, but here’s a sneak peek:

Things I'm Loving Lately - August - Life by Naomi

These dinosaur fairy lights were a real bargain from Tesco in the sale!

I’ve also done loads in the garden, mostly clearing a long border, and then replanting it with shrubs and plants from elsewhere. All gardening takes me much longer than I anticipate! We’re also taking out a border which is right outside the front door: it’s very inconvenient and in an awkward position. We’ll replace this with a path, but we still have loads of plants, don’t worry. We have a lot of cutting back and pruning to be done in Autumn – we didn’t do it last year and it has all started to look a bit overgrown this summer. After living here a year, my plans for the garden are starting to take shape.


I’m making forays into sugar-free eating. I’m quite anxious about having a very large baby, and hope that by cutting down on my sugar intake I can avoid it. I’m measuring the same as I did with Ben, but we all know that 2nd babies are normally bigger! So I’m loosely following Davina’s No Sugar Challenge – upping the calories and portion size as otherwise it really wouldn’t be enough. I’ve only done the first week, but I’m still avoiding chocolate and cake, which is pretty good for me.

This is a typical lunch: bean salad and homemade digestive biscuits, made with maple syrup.

Things I'm Loving Lately - August - Life by Naomi

With only 10 weeks until my due date, and the joy of maternity leave looming, it’s a strange ‘back to school’ feeling for me. I should be completely overjoyed by some excellent exam results – and I’m really pleased for those students – but the return to work is completely overshadowed by the last trimester of this pregnancy. I’ve done a grand total of 2 hours work this holiday, and I am facing new classes due to staffing issues. I’m sure I will be paying for this in a few weeks time! But for now, I’m still loving the holidays, and have one last long weekend to enjoy.

I’m linking up with Life at the Little Wood – please head over there and have a look at all the lovely things people have picked for August.

By Naomi

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