Things I'm Loving Lately

Things I'm Loving Lately

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on Things I’m Loving Lately on both The Ordinary Lovely and Life at the Little Wood. I love both those blogs, especially the writing, and the idea of a monthly post with suggestions on Beauty, Home, Fashion and Food was too alluring. Although Beauty and Fashion are things that I don’t really ever blog about, the internet is one of my greatest sources of information for these things. The Style and Beauty pages of Mumsnet have a lot to answer for!

So here is my round-up for June…


I’ve recently discovered Caroline Hirons’ website, and have started following her advice: double cleansing, acid toner, serum and moisturiser. Well, for the first time in, ok, years, my skin is actually comfortable. I’ve had really dry skin for my whole life, and usually by mid-morning my skin can be flaky. However, now I’ve been using this routine, my skin is smooth – morning until night. The spots I was getting due to stress or being run down have also cleared up. This routine is amazing.

The only things I’ve had to buy were an acid cleaner (mine is just from Boots), and a serum. I really think it is the serum that has made the difference to my skin. I’ve been using The Sanctuary Power Peptide Serum. I chose this one simply because it was on offer at Boots, which made it a bit more affordable. I am so pleased with the change in my skin that a serum will always be one of my essentials from now on.

Sanctuary Serum - Life by Naomi


This week, I’ve hit the halfway point in this pregnancy – 20 weeks! I haven’t really announced it on the blog and I really don’t want it to take over what I blog about, but it has started to dominate my clothing choices.

It’s really difficult to buy maternity clothes in actual shops. Yes, you can get it all online, but online shopping for clothes can be really tricky. You see something, buy it, wait for it to arrive, try it on, realise it doesn’t quite fit, then have to find the time to take it back to a real shop, to post it back… and then you have to find something else, only to repeat the process again.

So when my sister tipped me off about New Look having a good maternity section, and actually having one in store in Taunton, I went shopping. I’ve tried to be careful to get things that work together and have been trawling ‘capsule wardrobe’ suggestions on Pinterest. I have this top in coral, which I love.
Maternity vest by New Look - Life by Naomi

I have to say, though, that I have really struggled to find maternity clothes that are suitable for work. I’m really careful with my clothing for work – “Neither excite, nor offend,” as my old University tutor used to say –  but I think I have enough bits and pieces to keep me going now.


We have a few projects to do before the baby arrives, not least sorting out the bedrooms. Ben will move into a bigger room, and he’s decided he wants a dinosaur themed room. I’ve started picking out paint and accessories, and I love these dinosaur-themed wall decals from Etsy. I also love these curtains from Next, but I’m not sure that we will actually go for them – we might just aim for plain navy curtains.

Dinosaur Decals on Etsy - Life by Naomi

Dinosaur Curtains from Next - Life by Naomi


We were invited to a barbecue this weekend. I offered to bring dessert. I had originally intended to make those giant meringues, and take them with whipped cream and summer fruit – a kind of DIY pavlova, if you will. However, the day before the barbecue, another friend emailed to say she was bringing pavlova.

Eek! I had already made the meringues – which will be the subject of another post soon – and they were looking amazing. But we decided to sacrifice the amazing shape of them for great taste and make an Eton Mess. I have to say, Eton Mess does not photograph well. I need to get some of those glass bowls.

Meringues - Life by Naomi


Anyway, we went to the barbecue, and it stayed dry, despite the ever present threat of rain in Lancashire, in June. But my friend who was bringing the pavlova? She had a baking emergency and turned the pavlova into Eton Mess. Let’s just say it was a good thing everyone liked meringue!

Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely and Emma at Life at the Little Wood will be publishing their Things I’m Loving Lately post this week – please do check them out.

By Naomi

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