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A few months ago, I blogged about women having to choose between their career and motherhood. You can read that post here.  Over on my Facebook page, it sparked a lot of discussion. But one aspect of that post triggered an alternative line of discussion. You see, in my discussion about career vs motherhood, I had mentioned how my laundry system had revolutionised my life. This, it transpired, was what people wanted to know about.

Basically, the problem lies with the laundry hamper. You know, that thing that might or might not look like a bin, which you throw your dirty clothes into at the end of each day? If you have a baby, you might throw his and your own clothes into it several times of day. A little streak of sick is a bit of a permanent fixture on my shoulder at the moment.

Anyway, I digress. You have your laundry hamper. When it gets full, you might think, “OK, I need to do some washing.” So you sort out your hamper, dividing the clothes into piles: whites, darks, light coloureds, and so on. You might have towels in there as well. You sort it into piles, and you work out which piles are big enough for a wash. Then the unwashed clothes all go back into the hamper, and a few days later (or the next day), you go through the whole process again.


In our old system, we actually had 2 hampers: one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. This was simply because Tim and I both had a hamper before we got married, so we ended up with 2. But it actually meant I was going through the process again and again. Very often, I’d have the laundry all over the floor, and would have to spend a weekend frantically washing to get it all done.

So after browsing on Pinterest (follow my boards here), and a bit of shopping, I set up our current system.

I got rid of the laundry hampers, and replaced them with these baskets from IKEA.


If I’m honest, they’re not ideal. They’re metal, so I don’t like taking them outside to hang the washing on the line as our grass is permanently wet (thanks, Lancashire rain). They’re also not amazing quality, and I never got the top board to fit properly. But they are the best I could find. All other laundry sorters seem to take up a huge amount of space, and I wanted something tall, with washing baskets that were easily portable.

Then, I requested that we all sort our laundry when we take it to the basket: whites in the white basket, light coloureds in the middle basket, and darks on the bottom. Simple.


I can now see, every single day, which basket is getting full. I know that I need to do a wash when a basket gets just over half full – if I let it get too full, it’ll be two washes. Even better, Tim will quickly pop a load on without asking. And because the basket moves with the wash, so to speak, there’s a convenient basket to load up and to take things back.

I still haven’t cracked the build-up of ironing that I seem to get each week. I suspect the answer might be to iron daily, but I can’t bring myself to that yet.

So there’s the amazing laundry system. I’ve possibly hyped it up a bit, but it actually made a massive difference to me!





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By Naomi


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    Naomi!! I LOVE this idea!! WHY aren’t there any baskets that do this?? You should make one and go on Dragon’d Den — I would definitely buy one!!!! 🙂 Such a good idea. Laundry is the bane of my life — these days I never seem to see the bottom of the basket!! Thanks so much for linking up with us 🙂 #HomeEtc

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      I have no idea how to make one for Dragon’s Den, but I’d buy one too! Thanks for the support!

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    That is a cracking idea. Love it, thanks.

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    I need this in my life and I really, really want one!!!!! SUCH a great idea as today I accidentally washed a hand-wash jumper and it has shrunk 🙁 Sad days!!!!! Love this. Thanks for linking up and welcome back! #HomeEtc

    Jess xx

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    Great idea, I can’t often find the bottom on our wash basket and have been looking for a new basket anyway so maybe I should look at something like this too. #HomeEtc

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      This way, you get to the bottom of the laundry basket with every wash!

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    That’s actually a really great idea! I wonder if someone will see your post and design a new system based on this. We have THOSE baskets, except we use them to store all our arts and crafts stuff. #MarvMondays

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      If I had any idea where to start, I would design it myself and patent it! I think the baskets are ideal for arts and crafts as they are really sturdy.

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    After doing 5 loads of washing yesterday (yes, I did ignore the washing basket for 4 days!) I had to read this post. I have been looking for a decent laundry basket for ages to sort the washing and have never got round to buying one. Though I think I may just do it!! Great post #MarvMondays

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      There’s no way I could ignore the washing basket for 4 days! I can easily do at least 2 washes a day at the moment!

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    I’ve been wanting to implement a system like this for ages but I can’t think where there is a space for the room it requires! Also, do you trust everyone in your household to make the right ‘basket-choice?’ I’m not sure I could trust my kids to get it right every time. Even so, it would probably take me less time to pick out the offending articles than sort everything from scratch! I would love to spend less time doing laundry so maybe I’ll have to give some more thought to where we could fit a system like this. I love the idea…xx

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      It definitely takes less time – and the mistake is more obvious, if you know what I mean, because the other clothes in the basket are already sorted. Getting space for it is a bit of a challenge, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

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    I saw these in IKEA and I wanted to get a few but my hubby said no. So unreasonable. But if it helps with laundry… this is such a great system! Our wicker basket keeps breaking and if the baby is nearby she eats it so your idea would be practical and safe! #marvmondays

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      Your baby eats your laundry basket…???!!! I think a trip to IKEA is in order!

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