Styling the Seasons: Easter 2016


I’ve been getting the house ready for Easter this week.

Easter is a big deal for us. We’re Christians, so really, it’s the biggest, most important festival of our faith, more so than Christmas. We had Palm Crosses at church on Sunday (Palm Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and being recognised by the people as the Son of God). So I incorporated mine into this flat lay.

I do love the New Life aspect of Easter: after all, we believe Jesus gives us a new life when we are born again. So I’m also celebrating the signs of Spring, with eggs, lambs and chicks. The tulips are just beautiful this year. 

I did get a little scatter-happy! And then I got the glue-gun out and made an Easter wreath. We’ve also made our Easter tree, and crafted Ben’s Easter hat for the parade tomorrow (it involves Lego). So there has been a fair bit of crafting going on. We’ll also be making Easter biscuits and some kind of chocolate-mini-egg extravagansa for a cake.

I know for most people Easter is about chocolate and the Easter bunny. I know there are whole discussions about how it was originally a pagan festival. But this is when we celebrate Jesus death and resurrection, and for me, that’s much more important than chocolate.


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    Lovely idea – I particularly like the Easter wreath. We may get adventurous and try a toddler decorated version.

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      Do it! I love a wreath (even if my husband thinks it’s mad).

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    I love your Easter wreath and the tulips are beautiful. Like you, we try to celebrate Easter as a Christian occasion and have incorporated our palm cross into a little display of other Easter bits the children have made. It feels like the faith element gets lost in the aisles full of chocolate, bunnies and chicks.

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      Yes, definitely. It’s a challenge to teach our children what it’s really about.

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    Oh it all looks lovely. You’re very clever, I am useless at crafts. Happy Easter. #BloggerClubUK

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      I wouldn’t say I’m particularly clever – I just went to Hobbycraft and got a bit happy with a glue gun! Happy Easter!

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    Gorgeous! I love the New Life aspect of Easter too; great post 🙂

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    Gorgeous decorations – I know what you mean, it is a religious holiday and it does seem like it is just bunnies and chocolate for most people nowadays. As a kid I used to decorate eggs and celebrate Palm Sunday too and it wasn’t just about chocolate (although that was a nice additional treat!) #homeetc

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      Thank you! We’ll definitely be making the Easter gardens again. I have to admit, more decorations got put up in the last few days… there’s now more bunting!

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    I really, really wanted to make an Easter wreath this year but as we were going away for the Easter weekend I didn’t bother in the end. Having seen yours here I *wish* I’d done it!! It looks lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with us!! xx #HomeEtc

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      It’s the first time I’ve done it but I’m really glad I did. It’ll be out every year now on.

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    Lovely and really pretty! Nice to see a post not about chocolate! Thanks for sharing & linking up, good to have you! #HomeEtc

    Jess xx

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      Thank you! Although, there is a fair amount of chocolate in the house now.

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    I agree sometimes the true meaning of Easter can get lost amongst the chocolate and the Easter egg hunts. You wreath is very pretty such a great job and I love all the decorations. The bonnet sounds good especially with lego that would be right up Monkey’s street. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

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      Thank you! First time at #BloggerClubUK – I’ll be back!

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    Love the tulips and the Easter Wreath. I agree with you, I think sometimes the meaning of Easter can get lost a little bit, it’s a bit like Christmas. I was brought up Catholic (although I don’t go to church these days) and I remember getting the plams blessed in church when I was a little girl

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      Thanks! I’m pleased with the tulip photos (photography is not my strongest point). So many people have said to me that they think the meaning of Easter can get lost, so it’s something I’m very mindful of for my children.

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