September and October


The last two months have officially been the busiest we’ve ever had. I knew it was going to be busy when we received two wedding invitation for consecutive Saturdays in September, both down South.

The first was down in London, the lovely wedding of our friends Jen and Rob.

We had a great time seeing the sights on Saturday morning:


The afternoon wedding at The Barbican was lovely too. It was definitely the easiest wedding venue I’ve ever been to with a toddler, as the venue had several pools with fish in to keep him entertained, and the whole venue was enclosed. The whole weekend was really made fantastic by the chance to stay at the Barbican, which meant we could walk to and from the venue – something that doesn’t often happen to us!

Thanks for inviting us Jen and Rob – and congratulations!

The week after that was crazy – Tim came down with flu and had to spend all week in bed. Working full time plus looking after Ben plus Tim was exhausting to say the least. I have such admiration for any parent who does a lot of flying solo. Anyway, I did manage to get to Manchester to see War Horse at The Lowry, which was amazing.

With Tim still ill, and faced with the prospect of a 5 hour drive on my own with a toddler, and back again, we pulled out of attending the second wedding. I was so disappointed, but honestly don’t think I would have coped with the rest of the term without that weekend at home. We hung out and did things like feed the ducks.

Feeding ducks

Sorry we didn’t make it Emma and Dan – but congratulations!

Me working full time has been a huge adjustment for us all. I worked part time last year (3 days a week) and loved my days in work and my days at home with Ben. With the change of job, I’ve had to go to full time, and it is really demanding. In order to spend a few hours with Ben each afternoon after work, I have to work every evening, and usually put some time in during the weekends. I know this is partly because I’m at a new school, but in many ways, this is the teacher’s lot: long holidays, but 60+ hour weeks in term time. So any quieter weekends have often been swallowed up in snatching moments to plan or mark books.

At the beginning of October, there was no chance for working. We had our niece and nephew to stay. It was loads of fun, and they were absolutely brilliant. Tim planned a whole weekend themed around the idea of knights and castles, and we took them up to Clitheroe Castle, dressed as knights with wooden swords and shields. It was a complete hit. All three children were exhausted by lunchtime on Sunday – as were we!


That week, I had received news that I was really looking forward to: my sister had had a baby boy, Sebastian. We took the opportunity to head down to Somerset to meet him when he was less than two weeks old. They all seem to be doing really well, and Sebastian is absolutely gorgeous.

Ben loved seeing his new cousin, and, of course, his grandparents, aunt and uncle.


Now that I’ve got half term, I’m finally able to catch up on some of this stuff – and catch my breath a bit too. It’s become known as The Time of the Crazy Weekends, and fortunately, it seems to be calming down a bit over the next few weeks. I’m hoping we’ll have some time to get things straightened out in the house, as we’re entertaining a bit too.

I hope you understand why it’s been so quiet on the blog recently. Bear with me while I try to get some perspective on things! As always, I love to read your comments, so please add them to the blog.

By Naomi

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