Is the office chair a place you can relax?


We all know how hard it is for working mums. When I’ve been working full time, it’s relentless. From the moment you get up, to the moment you collapse into bed, you don’t stop. There is always something else that needs doing, and, in my job, another book that could be marked, another lesson that could be more thoroughly planned, or another resource that could be further differentiated.

I’ve often felt, at the end of a long working day, that I’ve spent the entire day giving: giving my time, energy and attention to everyone else. Of course, this is partly because of my chosen profession as a teacher. But sometimes I crave just a few minutes of focusing on myself and my needs.

One of the ways I’ve done this is to make sure the ‘home office’ (a desk in the spare room) in our house is a pleasant place to be. I have a white IKEA ALEX desk, and green storage stationery. The desk has to be big enough for a computer and at least two A4 size books (that are A3 when opened). However, my desk chair leaves a bit to be desired. I’m currently using one that Tim found in the bargains section of IKEA, and it doesn’t quite fit under the desk. It’s also got a wool covering, which isn’t the most comfortable.

So when I was asked about my working day for this survey, it got me thinking. One thing I really need to invest in is a new office chair. The results of the survey are very illuminating too.


It looks like a new office chair should be on my shopping list for 2016!

By Naomi

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