Easter Holiday Plans

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The Easter break is a lovely one for teachers.

Firstly, most of the exam prep and controlled assessments or coursework are done for your exam years. Secondly, you feel like you might just make it to the end of the academic year in one piece. Thirdly, we get two weeks!

Right now, at the beginning of those two weeks, there’s a sense that I could actually be productive. It’s been a long and difficult term for me professionally: Ofsted at the end of January, then a series of job applications and interviews. I actually accepted a new job last week, but that won’t start until September. So I do feel a distinct sense of relief.

On top of that, this last week of term has been tricky. Ben has been ill with hand, foot and mouth, which means that he’s been off nursery this week. He’s also been awake a lot each night. I had to stay at home on Monday to look after him. Tim looked after him on Tuesday, and Ben’s grandparents were due to do Wednesday, which was amazing. It sounds awful, but I was counting the minutes that I would miss teaching my Year 11s. No matter how good the cover work you set, it is never the same as you being there.

Anyway, I left home on Wednesday morning to go to work. At the end of our road, the car gave an almighty bang and started growling, like a really souped-up boy racer car. Except it’s not. It was a very broken car.

Tim to the rescue again: he quickly handed over the keys to his car and told me to go. He would sort himself out.

So we’ve staggered to the end of term really. We’re exhausted, and despite the clocks going back last weekend, often ask each other if it’s too early to go to bed. Hopefully we’ve avoided catching Ben’s virus, and he’s mostly better now, so we can look forward to the holiday.

So one of my plans for the holiday is to do very little work! If I can condense it all into two days, I should get enough sorted to get me going at the start of term, and caught up with my marking. That’s the plan, anyway.

Another plan is to do some Spring cleaning – cleaning those areas which don’t really need it every week, but which have built up.

But mostly, I plan to rest. I want to watch TV while finishing a jumper I’ve been knitting for months. I want to read a book. I want to potter in the garden. I want to take photographs with Tim’s camera, so I can finally learn how to use it. I finally want to make a red velvet cake.

If I don’t write these things down, I won’t do them. So that’s the plan.

By Naomi

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