A Make-Do-And-Mend Peg Bag



Baby + cloth nappies x 2 adults = more laundry. More laundry = more pegs.

The above equation is probably some of the closest I get to doing algebra these days. In short, I needed a peg bag. The plastic basket which came with my last set of pegs just wasn’t cutting it.

I had recently been passed some lovely baby clothes from a church friend. In the set was a particular stripy vest, which I presumed had got mixed up with the set – it was 3-6 months, the rest of the clothes were 9-12 months. It was a bit too small for Ben.

However, it made a perfectly sized peg bag. I sewed across the middle (where I wanted the bottom of the bag to be) cut the bottom off and hung it on a hanger. Once filled with pegs, it worked perfectly.

I just hope the original owner doesn’t mind too much.

By Naomi

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