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Tonight, I’m sharing with you my list of things that I try always to keep in stock. My basics. My essentials. The foods that, if you have them in your store-cupboard, you can make most things. If you’ve been following my Spring Meal Plans series, you’ll know that these are the kinds of ingredients I use a lot.

I have this printed out in my kitchen. It works a bit like a shopping list, and I have other things (cleaning products, nappies etc) added on to the end. If we run out of something, it gets written on the little chalkboard hanging in our kitchen – or, theoretically it does. This does usually happen, and other times, like this week, I have a big sort-out of our cupboards and work out what we’re in need of.

One day, I would love to have one of those Pinterest-worthy pantry store-cupboards, but for now, I have a few cupboards around my kitchen. I find it useful to group like with like, so the list is written according to how I organise my kitchen.

But (here’s the clever bit), I’ve uploaded this as a Word document. So you can download it and edit it according to what you want to keep in your store-cupboard! Hooray!

I’m currently working on the Summer Meal Plans – they should be on the blog in the next few days.

Here’s the list: Kitchen Supplies List

Storecupboard Essentials List - All your basics for the kitchen in one editable list!

By Naomi


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