Spring Meal Plans: Weeks 9-12


This is the final post in the sequence for your Spring Meal Plans. I will be doing both a round-up post, where you can find all the printables in one post, and a storecupboard post. But for this week, here are the recipes, meal plans and shopping lists!

Like in Weeks 5-9, you follow the Weeks 1-4 meal plans, but you need to make substitutions for the Eat One, Freeze One meals, plus a few other tweaks, so you don’t end up eating salmon twice a week.

So the substitutions are as follows:

In Week 5, make two of this Salmon, Spinach and Dill Potato Bake. Eat one, and freeze the other. Incidentally, this is a brilliant dinner for when you take someone a meal – it’s complete, so it doesn’t require separate dishes, but it’s also fish-based, which makes a change from all the minced beef in lasagne and chilli!

Also in Week 5, unless you really, really like salmon, you’ll want to swap in sea bass or another fish for Thursday’s meal.

In Week 6, make two Moussakas. Freeze one.

For the Week 5 recipes, you need the Week 1 post.

For Week 6, you need the Week 2 post.

For Week 7, you need Week 3.

For Week 8, yep, it’s Week 4.

The whole overview for Weeks 9-12, including meal plans and shopping lists, is here: Spring Meal Plans – Weeks 9-12

I’ve had some lovely feedback about recipes you’ve tried and enjoyed, so please keep it coming!


By Naomi

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