Spring Meal Plans: Weeks 5-8


Spring Meal Plans - Weeks 5-8 | Life by Naomi

Moving forward, the next weeks are the first few weeks with a few tweaks. The meals where you made two, ate one and froze one need to be changed (unless you fancy eating fish pie every two weeks). Equally, if you didn’t get to eat the one you froze, you could substitute that very easily.

So the substitutions are as follows:

In Week 5, make these amazing Smoked Trout Fishcakes. Made a double portion and freeze half.

In Week 6, make two Shepherds Pies. Freeze one.

For the Week 5 recipes, you need the Week 1 post.

For Week 6, you need the Week 2 post.

For Week 7, you need Week 3.

For Week 8, yep, it’s Week 4.

The whole overview for Weeks 5-8, including meal plans and shopping lists, is here: Spring Meal Plans – Weeks 5-8

I’ve also done a handy overview for Weeks 1-4 here: Spring Meal Plans – Weeks 1-4

I’ve had some lovely feedback about recipes you’ve tried and enjoyed, so please keep it coming!


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