Spring Meal Plans: Week 4


Spring Meal Plans - Week 4 | Life by Naomi

This week of recipes is a really good one. There are some of our favourite recipes – Tim absolutely loves the Chicken Parmigiana, and the Sweet and Sour recipe is brilliant. I think it’s a good mix of healthy variety.

I haven’t listed a pudding for Sunday as I usually do as I haven’t trialled one, but the lamb is fairly light, so you could indulge in some kind of gorgeous chocolate creation. I’m holding out for Easter Sunday.

You can find the printable version here: Spring Meal Plans – Week 4

The Meal Plan

Spring Meal Plans - Week 4 | Life by Naomi


The Recipes

Pollock with Cheddar and Herb crust – I served it with baby Spinach, new potatoes and green beans. Freeze the leftover dill following these instructions.

Mustard lamb, Irish mash and watercress apple salad

Tuna Nicoise Salad

Chicken Parmigiana

Veggie Chili – Serve with Sour Cream and grated cheese

Sweet and Sour Chicken

The Shopping List

Meat and Fish:
8 bacon rasher
4 pollock fillets
400g lamb
2 tuna steaks
6 chicken breasts
Sandwich fillings

Fruit and Vegetables:
New potatoes
Baby Spinach
Green Beans
1 celery heart
100g watercress
3 leeks
800g potatoes
4 baby gem lettuces
400g cherry tomatoes
50g black olives
2 sweet potatoes
2 red peppers
2 yellow peppers
Snacking fruit, including 1 apple
1 green chilli
1 red chilli

Dairy and Bakery:
White bread (for breadcrumbs)
Bread rolls
Tortilla Wraps
Cheddar Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Sour cream
6 eggs
250ml cider
Tortellini (filled pasta)
Fresh soup

Store cupboard:
Mustard powder
Plain flour
Brown sugar
Tomato ketchup
Mint sauce
Cider vinegar
White wine vinegar
Lemon juice
Red wine
400g linguine/spaghetti
Dried chilli flakes
2 x 400g tins of beans
2 x 400g chopped tomatoes
1 small tin water chestnuts
Prawn crackers
Egg fried rice in a pouch
425g tin pineapple chunks
Soy sauce

By Naomi


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    I don’t think I’ve ever tried chicken Parmigiana but having just goggled it, it looks yummy. Enjoy. Mich x

    1. Reply

      It’s gorgeous. A bit more faff than I’d probably do for pasta, but totally worth it. You could hide loads of vegetables in the sauce as well.

  2. Reply

    Fantastic post! I’ve just gotten into properly meal planning so it’s great to see what others are doing

    1. Reply

      Thank you! Hopefully you’ll pop back in a few weeks time to get the whole lot!

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