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The Eagle at Barrow Review - Life by Naomi

On the drive between Whalley and Clitheroe, we pass The Eagle at Barrow pub. It looks lovely from the outside, and has a big car park, which is always handy for us. So it was an ideal location for Sunday lunch after a busy Saturday and Sunday morning.

The bar itself was very quiet, and there were a few families in for Sunday lunch. We were in early, at 12.30pm, fitting in with the end of our church service. It didn’t get particularly busy in the whole time we were there, but it might be worth booking in advance, just in case.

Although it was a bright, sunny, day, it was quite windy and chilly, so we were glad to get inside. It was a shame, however, that we were seated in the dark end of the pub rather than by the large sunny windows. I’ve had to do a lot of retouching to the few photos I took!

The kitchen hatch is open to the restaurant which is good – you can listen out for the chef shouting, “Service!” If you’re two years old and happy to stand on a chair, you can also wave at the chef, who will, obligingly, wave back. Although we did also entertain Ben with lego.

Eagle 2Both Tim and I ordered Roast Beef, which arrived promptly. Ben decided he wanted fish and chips, and the rest of the children’s menu was very good.

Eagle 1

My beef was quite rare, which I was a bit surprised about, but extremely tasty and tender. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but there was a very generous serving of meat. Tim was also very happy because the meal contained both roast and mashed potatoes – one of his hallmarks of a good roast dinner. There were also some beautifully cooked vegetables, but I wouldn’t have refused another serving of them to balance out the meat and potatoes to be honest.

We did stay for dessert, and I had the Caramel Apple Crumble. Tim had a cheesecake and Ben had a strawberry ice-cream complete with marshmallows, but neither of their photos came out very well.

Eagle 3

My crumble, if I’m honest, was far too sweet, even for me – and I have a very sweet tooth! The ice-cream was delicious, and it was from a local producer, like many other foods on the menu.

The Eagle at Barrow was a good Sunday lunch, and we did get a good deal – I think it was about £15 for two courses, and Ben ate for free. The pub is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment and will open again next week, so I’d be keen to see what they have changed. It might even be a bit lighter and brighter in the restaurant.

Food – 7/10

Atmosphere – 6/10

Service – 9/10

Child-friendliness – 8/10

The Eagle at Barrow - a review - Life by Naomi

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