Introducing A Month of Slow Cooking



We received a Slow Cooker as one of our Wedding presents. We were both keen to get one, as we were both working full time, leaving home before 7.30am and not getting back until after 6pm, and liked the thought of a hot meal being ready just moments after getting through the door. We also quite like the soft texture and intense flavour of slow-cooked meat and the kind of dishes that work well in a Slow Cooker.

However, even after three and a half years of having the Slow Cooker, and using it, I don’t really feel that I’ve got to grips with it. My stews and casseroles aren’t quite flavourless mush, but they are not so flavoursome as when they’re cooked on the hob or in the oven. I’m still haunted by the smell of boiled onions after Tim requested French Onion Soup. The pong lingered round the house for days afterwards, and even now, I think I still catch a whiff every time the crock pot lid is opened.

Yet I still love the thought of putting your ingredients in the Slow Cooker in the morning and letting it gently simmer all day. I see blogs on the Internet which praise the merits of the Slow Cooker. I still want the space it takes up in my kitchen to be justified. I want to love my Slow Cooker.

So throughout April, I’m challenging myself to use the Slow Cooker every day (as much as possible). I’ve planned to use it every day, but I know that might not necessarily pan out. I’m planning to cook soups, stews and casseroles, but also roasts, braises and even desserts. I’m hoping to blog about it here.

Hopefully, I’ll get to grips with my Slow Cooker. Hopefully, we’ll have some delicious meals. Hopefully, we’ll avoid eating flavourless mush.

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By Naomi

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