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I am getting a bit passionate about meal planning. I honestly think it’s the one household chore which saves you the most time, energy and money. There’s also something remarkably calming about knowing what you’re having for dinner every day, and knowing the food is in the fridge.

I’ve saved these meal plans for a few weeks. I wanted to get them exactly right, and I wanted to wait until the weather turned cooler. Well, now it’s October, it is definitely cooler! There’s a real chill in the air today, and it’s the perfect time to be turning to warmly spiced, slow-cooked dishes, roasts, pies and family meals.

Autumn Meal plans - 12 weeks of menus, recipes and shopping lists all with an autumn/fall theme

I’ve only done ‘Dinner’ meals this time. I’ve found so many great ideas for Autumn breakfasts that I’m going to make a post of just that. Plus, I know not everyone wants to have a cooked breakfast every Saturday and Sunday. To be completely honest, I wasn’t using the breakfast ideas!

Like before, each week has at least one vegetarian meal, and at least two fish-based meals. If there’s a roast dinner, leftovers will be used the following day.

Once again, lots of the meals can be adapted for slow cookers, or you can make double and freeze half. They are all meant to feed four.

I’ve been using these meal plans for the last six months, across Spring and Summer and it really does make your life so much easier. You repeat the block of four weeks as many times as you like (usually three, but it doesn’t always work out that way). This time, we’ll be getting in to Christmas, so I’m planning a special meal plan for December, bringing in lots of Christmassy flavours and trying out those recipes you see in magazines and on Pinterest.

The Autumn Meal Plans

The meal plans can be downloaded here: autumn-meal-plans

The shopping lists can be downloaded here: autumn-shopping-lists

Here is a sample of the meal plans:

The Recipes

Week 1:

Creamy garlic scallops

Apple Crisp Stuffed Baked Apples

Pork noodle soup

Tomato and mascarpone one pot pasta

Baked fish parcels

Chicken curry


Week 2:

Roast Monkfish with aubergine puree

Steak and Kidney Pie

Dahl with rice and chapati

One-pan autumn chicken diner

Gnocchi gratin with broccoli and spinach

Week 3

Thai Pumpkin Laksa

Halloumi with lentils, chickpeas and beets

Sausage casserole

Moroccan spiced fish with ginger mash

Baked Chinese chicken drumsticks

Week 4:

Lamb tagine

Mozzarella and sun-dried tomato chicken

Veggie chilli

Pork chops with apples and cider

Tomato and thyme cod

Vietnamese fish hot pot

You can find all of these recipes, and lots of other lovely suggestions on my Pinterest board too:


You can find my storecupboard list, Spring Meal Plans and Summer Meal Plans all on the blog too.

Just Winter to go! I’d love to hear of what you like to eat in Autumn and Winter.

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Autumn Meal Plans - 12 weeks of recipes, shopping lists and meal plans. This save you so much work and has brilliant suggestions for family meals.


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    I need to do this. I”m struggling with my meal planning as of late. Nothing sounds good and everything looks too hard to do. I think I need my husband to take me out to eat every day for a week to reset myself lol.

    1. Reply

      Hope the plans help you x

  2. Reply

    Yum! So many of those are making my mouth water. I will have to look into a few of those. Also, I really should do some better menu planning. Thanks for showing me the value! #MarvMondays

    1. Reply

      Hope these plans can give you some inspiration xx

  3. Reply

    These are great. I’m a huge fan of meal planning and feature it every week on my blog!


    1. Reply

      Oh fab! I’ll be sure to pop over and have a look x

  4. Reply

    I would love to be this organised. It would save so much time and money at the supermarket.

    1. Reply

      It really does… I’m not going to pretend all the meals are budget versions, but it definitely saves those top-up shops.

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    Thanks for the fab ideas, I am so crap at meal planning but really need to as constantly find myself stuck each evening. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. Reply

      I hope you find them useful. It honestly saves me so much stress!

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