How to make an Easter Garden

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Here’s how to make an Easter Garden: the perfect Easter craft.

This morning, Ben and I have made our Easter Garden. I can remember doing this as a child, but it’s not something I’ve really seen anywhere recently.

The real Easter story can get lost among the Easter Egg hunts, the bonnets and the bunny, so I am really keen for him to understand the true meaning of Easter.

The Tomb

A few days ago, we made a clay tomb, complete with a stone to roll away on Easter Sunday. As we were making it, Ben was fascinated. He’s never touched clay before, so it was a good experience for him. We let this dry out for a few days.

I really like the clay tomb, and think it works better than flowerpots or pieces of pipe that I’ve seen before.

The Easter Story

This morning, we started off by reading the Bible story in his children’s Bible. We have this one, and he really likes it. He is starting to understand the concept of death, although I had to explain what it meant when Jesus was arrested.

How to make an Easter Garden

We filled a shallow bowl with compost.

I dug some moss from our lawn (picking out a few worms) and covered the compost.




Ben dug some holes into the moss with a spoon and we planted our miniature daffodils. It would be lovely to have a few more flowers: primroses, crocuses, grape hyacinths and snowdrop anemone would all work well.


We made three crosses from lollipop sticks. As I was not particularly organised for this craft (can you tell?), ours are coloured. Actually, I quite like that – it makes up a bit for the lack of flowers! You can be as creative as you like at this stage. You could perhaps add a stream with tin foil or cellophane, or some stones for a rockery.


Ben arranged the tomb and the crosses. As it’s Good Friday, the stone is in front of the tomb, but on Sunday, we’ll roll the stone away to show that Jesus has risen.

This has been brilliant for teaching Ben the Easter story, and it’s a great visual reminder too. He enjoyed posing for photos a little too much at the end!



How to Make an Easter Garden | Life by Naomi

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    My girls too make an Easer garden each yea, it is one of our traditions and a way for the them to stay focused on the real meaning, away from chocolate! We always use a plant pot on its side with moss over the top as the tomb and a large flat stone in front. We had to bring ours indoors last night as the storm was roaring! Mich x

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      It’s definitely going to become a tradition in this house – it’s really helped Ben to understand the story. Good idea on the plant pot – I had the clay left over from Christmas decorations that I never used. At least we can use it each year now.

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